Looking forward

It’s funny. We are in the midst of getting our meat animals off to their final destination and at the same time, planning for next years animals. We originally wanted to raise our own meat and vegetables and the sheep were Kaylin’s projects. We then discovered that people liked and wanted the product we had … More Looking forward

Another addition

I would like to introduce everyone to Buddy. He is a Hereford whiteface calf co-owned with Marty and Mary Ann from A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm. He came to us a bit shy. Ok, really shy. I about got my legs kicked out from under me a couple times. Fortunately, I remembered the silver rule, … More Another addition

Poultry Shuffle

We invented the poultry shuffle last night. This is the way it goes.     1. Move the broilers to the stall. They depart June 1 (thank goodness!)       2. Move the layer pullets to their new chicken tractor: We’ll move this around the yard so they can mow and eat grass while … More Poultry Shuffle


And these are not the lovely red wigglers who do so well in a garden. Alfie, the lead man of our sheep herd, has been a bit pale and…well…poopy. We took him off pasture for a night thinking that maybe the fresh grass was too much. It cleared up some, but a sample was on … More Worms….UGH!

A Lovely Day

This weekend was a chance to catch up on farm chores. We cleaned the chick brooders out and gave our new laying pullets a chance for some some fresh grass, bugs, and sunshine. This week, I’ll build a chicken tractor and get them out of the barn and onto semi-free range where they belong!


Oh, those little pigs. Well, not so little any more. They are about 100 pounds of stubborn strength. This has definitely been a learning experience. 1. Yes, it is true that pigs will escape if given any little chance. 2. Pigs do not like to be pushed 3. Pigs do not like to be pulled. … More Piggishness