Change is Good!

It’s the end of January and it’s warm…by January standards at least. I was out this morning feeding the calf and checking out the barn. Looking around at the empty rabbit cages and our little flock of laying Buckeyes upstairs I realized how much more relaxed we all are. Taking stock, we have 4 very pregnant ewes, our ram Frodo, our wether Phantom (boy do you need sheared!) in the pasture, 5 hens and rooster upstairs in the coop and that Guinea fowl flying around upstairs in the barn. Yes, it is going to be a good year.

chaos-and-change1We decided its time to take a good look at our lives and our profit and loss statement. All lines point to lamb and fleece. Unfortunately for some of our customers, we won’t be growing rabbits, broilers or turkeys this year. Our calf will be bred this summer and will supply us with milk, cream, butter and cheese but just for the family.

It got just crazy last year! We honestly tried too much. So, we change! We are sticking with selling lamb, fleece and pelts. I’m working on a business plan with our Cooperative Extension agent. We’re improving our ewe’s nutrition, again with the help of Extension. We’ve already secured a third of the pasture and will continue fencing in more pasture this year. Plans are to pick up a new ram and a ewe lamb or two this spring. We’re going to start building a Columbia herd. They’re bigger sheep with a really great fleece to keep all our customers happy.

Keep an eye for updates. We’re about six weeks out from lambing!

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  1. Great-Niece Robin, Congratulations on “Decision for Change!” And, may the GREAT FLEECE BE WITH YOU! Much Love to all! Great-Aunt Jean

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