Chicken experiment

We knew when we bought the Cornish X Rocks that this would just be an experiment. We had heard horror stories about the broilers from others, dying at week 9, messy, not nice. We are now into week 4 and wanted to post an update. We switched the Cornish X over to a grower feed and kept the layer chicks on chick feed.

Broiler on the left, layer on the right

The Cornish X broiler chicks now weigh in at 2.5 lb and the Barred Rock layer chick weighs 1.6 lb. They are both the same age. By June 1st when the broilers depart our farm, they will weigh about 6 lb each. No, they are not nice birds, have very few feathers, and eat like pigs. We have broilers on order for the week of May 15. These will be more old fashioned type birds, not genetically modified.

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