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Bayberry Candles

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According to Colonial readings, burning bayberry candles during the holidays will bring you good luck next year! Here are bayberry and beeswax candles that are all natural. No oils added, just bayberry wax and beeswax. Know what you're putting in the air! And yes, those are recycled jars. Recycling is good and saves you money. We can't promise your bayberry candles will bring you better luck but we'll keep our fingers crossed!

Bayberry is the pretty little berry from the bayberry shrub. It grows here on the east coast. It takes 10 pounds of berries to produce 1 pound of wax! Lots of work there so that's why it's so expensive. I mix it with beeswax so it burns better as a candle.

These bayberry candles do not have a strong scent as I do not add additional oils to it.