Frequently Asked Questions

What is all natural? All natural grains are just that, grains that may be cracked or roll and natural minerals without any medications or steroids. We take our grain a bit farther. All our animals are on grains that contain no GMO grains. Because of this, we order our grain out of Canada.

Why is grocery food cheaper than locally grown food? When you buy local, you are investing in your community. The farmer earns a livable wage from his product, the farmer pays a livable wage to his employees. The farmer also spends more time with his or her animals. We know our sheep, cows, pigs, and layers. We know when they don’t feel well and what they like to eat! That costs more on all levels.

Where is all the lamb?¬†I try to get my lambs up to 120lb before I take them to the slaughter house. When you buy a whole or half lamb, you are paying the hanging weight. This is the meat and bone minus the hide, head, hooves, and entrails or offal. There goes half the weight. Then they make the cuts. You’ll lose more bone and excess fat at this stage, so about another 25% loss. In other words, if you buy a live weight lamb at 120lb you’ll get boxes of meat weighing 35 to 40 pounds of beautiful, Maine grass fed lamb. If you want more information, take a look at The Collie Farm blog, they do a great job explaining¬†.

Why is duck so expensive? We purchase ducklings direct from the hatchery so we can be sure there is no contamination and we know they eat only what we give them. We feed all natural, non-medicated, non-GMO grains starting at 24 hours of age. They also get all the water they want and live in a heated stall till they are 3 weeks old. At that time, they go out onto pasture. Our ducks live a happy and safe life paddling around eating bugs, grass and grains. The cost of ducklings is pretty expensive up front. On top of that, the cost of processing them is also expensive. Since they are waterfowl, they are very hard to pluck. Butcher fees for ducks are twice that of chickens. We do our best to hold down prices but want to provide you with the tastiest meat we can.