Market Day

It’s October and it’s chilly but the truck is packed and I’m ready to head out to the Farmers’ Market at Mill Park. It’s funny, most folks think the market is done; no more veg or fruit but NO! There is an amazing amount of veg and apples available this time of year. Thanks to high tunnels, the vegetable farmers still have lots of produce.

I, on the other hand, have lots of stuff to keep you warm! Sheep Pelts!!!! Maine sheep and lamb pelts tanned so they are washable. Don’t ya want one for your car seat? Anyway, I’ve packed up all the beeswax wraps, dryer balls, pelts, produce bags, forged stuff, spinning stuff, and displays. Ready to go!


Yesterday, I spent the day, the WHOLE day, making dryer balls. It’s getting close to the holiday season and I’m ramping up production as lots of people are saying they want dryer balls and wraps to give to relatives. Pretty awesome! I took the above picture this morning after fluffing some still damp wool destined for felting balls. Patty has been after me to look at a couple bags of wool stored in the garage. I thought they were ruined, mice and all. But, no! I looked and found a whole bag of Phantom’s fleece and one other! Heaven!! Like a present from the past!

Hopefully, today will be a profitable and busy day. It makes the time go by faster and the cold not seem so bad. One more more outdoor market day next week then we move inside. Yeah for warmth!

So, that’s my day today and yesterday. Plus a quartet rehearsal after market and possibly pick up some raw pelts at the butchers after that! Tomorrow, making lots of beeswax wraps!

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