Oh, those sheep

Tuesday, I was getting ready to leave for farmers market and noticed a sheep laying on its side in the pasture. Not good! I ran into the pasture to find our Phantom on his side looking up at me, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Phantom is our daughter’s pet sheep. He’s 8 years, a wether, and, well, overweight. I don’t know how, he only eats grass, but he is fat. 250 lb of big white fluff on his side unable to roll. I rolled him and he got up on his own, belching to beat the band. I texted Patty to please check on him as soon as she gets home to make sure he is upright.

Next, I’m driving away from the farm and I notice Opal, one of our new Lincoln Longwool ewes, laying in the middle of the paddock by herself. Dang! I had to get to market so I texted Patty again to please check on her, I alerted the rest of my quartet that I couldn’t make it to practice and got home as soon as market was over.

Opal was an unexpected mom back in the spring at the farm I bought her from and she was already thin with a ewe lamb by her side. I’ve wormed her but she was still not gaining weight. We put her and her daughter, for company, in a stall with all she can eat hay, water, and mineral. Later this week, I’ll get some non-gmo, all natural grain and start supplementing her on that. Hopefully, we can get some weight on her.

Anyway, things are always hopping here on the farm. I skipped a committee meeting yesterday because I’m so backed up with getting product made for the upcoming craft fairs and orders I have. I’m not complaining, believe me! I sometimes just draw myself a little too thin. I have a USDA sub committee meeting later this morning and sent an email to my pastor that I would not be able to make this afternoon’s board meeting. Now, I wait on my farmhand, Stan, and we head up the pasture to clear more fence line! Drawing myself a bit thin??? Yeah, I’m a pro at that!

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