Oliver update

Our little Oliver is out of ICU (a stall in the barn) and is recovering in a private rehabilitation center. I brought him out to clean his wound and bottom and he started grazing on his own. That was all it took! Time to get the boy outside.

Oliver enjoying his water with electrolytes.
Oliver enjoying his water with electrolytes.

Oh, and yes, I said wound. I was warned by the vet to make sure to keep his rear end good and clean because of blowfly strike. I thought I was doing well but by Friday, I discovered the fly strike and he has about a 4″ square sore on his rear near his tail. I’m not going to go into detail but just enough to say that fly strike is something nightmares are made of. If you want to Google, go for it.

Lots of cleaning, peroxide, Swipe, Blue Coat, and fly spray later, the sore is looking much better. Once his stool has become normal, he will go back up on the hill with his 2 buddies.

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