Our beautiful eggs

Our assortment of hens

Back on Peaks Island, we started raising hens for eggs. The four ladies treated us well and we had enough eggs that Kaylin was able to sell a couple dozen a week for 4-H money. When we found out we were moving our here to the farm, we put in an order at Paris Farmers Union for another 6 hens. We got 3 Golden Comets and 3 Plymouth Rocks. All of our hens, thus far, have been brown egg layers though the shade of brown depend on the hen’s breed. Last month, one of the 4H leaders in our county asked if I or anyone in my club wanted to buy some hens. She was reducing her flock. We agreed to buy 5 hens. Four are Araucana and one is a Polish. The Araucanas lay “easter eggs” or green to blue green eggs while the little Polish lays a polished white egg. They make for a great carton of eggs.

Our colorful eggs
Our bantam, Madonna, a Polish hen.

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