Poultry Shuffle

We invented the poultry shuffle last night. This is the way it goes.

Broilers attacking Patty’s feed looking for FOOD!



1. Move the broilers to the stall.

They depart June 1 (thank goodness!)




2. Move the layer pullets to their new chicken tractor:

Chicken tractor

We’ll move this around the yard so they can mow and eat grass while they grow. By fall, they’ll be introduced to the flock of hens and reside with them.





3. Move the turkey chicks outside to their new brooder beside the new chicks:


They were not too sure about their new feeder. I had to take each one to the feeder and “peck” my finger in the feed to show them what to do. Yeah…brain size.




4. Go to bed after finishing the chores!


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