Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have now had over 7 inches of rain since Saturday afternoon. We had to bring the pullets in from the chicken tractor because there was no where to put them that didn’t have at least 4 inches of standing water. Folks, we live on a hill!

So, what do you do when you can’t work outside? Make soap! Ok, make liquid soap from solid soap. Money is extremely tight right now and things like shampoo, dish soap, and hand soap add up quickly. Using 2 bars of $1.49 Castile soap, 2 TBS of Rite Aid brand liquid glycerin, and a gallon water, we made a gallon of liquid soap. Over all cost, about $4. Out of that, a full bottle of shampoo (added some Jasmine oil, Kaylin’s choice), a full bottle of dish soap (added lemon oil and tea tree oil to help cut grease), and another 2 quarts of soap for later use. Savings? Hard to say because of all the chemicals in the other stuff we no longer buy. But, shampoo goes for around $7 for the size bottle we use and another $3 or $4 for dish soap.

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