Seed Starting

I know! I haven’t posted in awhile. Between trying to find work, trying to create work (business), 4H, family and farm, time gets away from me. I must admit, I’ve never slept better than after we moved here. So, I am going to post several blogs the next couple days to get everyone caught up on what’s happening at our farm!

Back in March, with the help of Mother Earth News Garden Planner, we planned out our garden and began to start seeds. But, where to put them? We have two huge south facing windows so that decision was easy. We used some left over plastic and a bit of packing tape and created our little greenhouse!

Tomatoes and peppers!

We started heritage Amish paste tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno peppers and Pepperoncini. There will be a little canning going on here!

We’ve also started leeks and wanted to get broccoli started, maybe tonight???

Starting seeds

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