Slow Sunday…really?

B5A79175-D1B7-4A32-AC13-EBB38C5C075CIt’s Sunday. It’s chilly. The truck is low on gas and we’re low on money. So, what do you do on a day like today? A typical day for me, which this is, begins about 5:30 in the morning. I get up and get Patty breakfast before she heads off for work and eat my own breakfast. By then it’s closer to daylight and I can go out and open up the chickens and let them out to range. I check on the sheep, do a headcount, check the mineral and water, and leave them to graze. Luckily, we had a barn full of hay and are ready for the snow to come.

As I said, I’m low on gas and on money. I think God will understand if I skip church today. My morning started out with cleaning the upstairs of the house, getting laundry going, doing dishes, and starting a loaf of bread. I realized that I promised Patty chicken pot pie for dinner tonight but realized that I’m out of lard and I need that for the piecrust. So I dug out some leaf fat from the freezer and made a batch of lard. The reason I’m telling you this, is it leading up to a little explanation of what were doing here at the homestead.

It’s been a year now since I stopped working as a nurse. I had arthritis surgery on my left thumb joint due to at locking up and excruciating pain. The driving of several hundred miles a week was just killing me. Then last December, after the surgery, I fell on the ice in the driveway. This set my recovery time back at least a month according to my occupational therapist. Come February when I was to return to work, which was planned previous to the fall, I was fired. Seems they didn’t want to wait for me to recover even though they said I was a really great nurse. I applied for unemployment, got a release from my doctor to work, and started working with state vocational rehabilitation. Due to restrictions placed on me by my surgeon the state has found me significantly disabled. Seems kind of depressing but all in all it was meant to be. The state is helping me update my business plan and get some additional funding to help buy the tools that I need to be able to continue my work on the farm.

So now back to present day and why we are living the way we are. We had a big yard sale during the summer at which point we had the cluttered the house of a bunch of stuff that we hadn’t used in years and is just taking up space. We already been growing the majority of our food, both vegetables and meat, canning and freezing as we go. We got rid of cable TV and I got out of politics. I make the majority of the items that I sell at farmers markets and craft shows such as she pelts, fleece, beeswax food wraps, produce bags, and fiber tools. I was looking for a way to try and explain to other people how we look on life and how we live. I knew about slow money and slow food but, for some reason, I never thought about slow living.

“People every day are constantly living at a fast pace which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic – but with slow living they end up taking a step back and start enjoying life being conscious of sensory profusion.” — Wikipedia Slow Living

The above quote pretty well sums it up for us. We are slowing down to smell the roses. We are decluttering to save us time and space. We are sustainable to be more at one with the Earth and not the grocery store. Does this sound good to you? I’ll be writing more about it in days to come and more of what I’ve been up to.

Thanks for reading and goodnight!

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