The new guys on the block

We have decided yet again to try our hand at sheep farming. Thanks to our friends Marty and Mary Ann at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm, we brought home Brother Augustus and Alfie.

Alfie will be the head sire to start our flock in the fall.

Alfie, a Border Leicester/Romney cross


Brother, aka Augie, will….well he’s just going to hang around. You see, he doesn’t know he’s a sheep. He imprinted on humans as a newborn and now, he prefers to be in the house. The nice thing is that Augie follows us around everywhere. My hope is to clean him up and take him to some special ed classes this spring. He will be our forever lamb.

Brother looking for more grain.

Alfie is definitely a ram. He likes to ram, not too hard, just enough to knock you around. We had to separate Alfie and Augie because Alfie is so much bigger. How do you get a child to behave? Tell his daddy! We did just that, we now are boarding Alfie’s dad, Lester. He’s not ramming as much these days.

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