Those bargain bins (48 Days till Spring)

We tend to go shopping at grocery stores away from the town we live in for most stuff. We’ll go to Jay for milk and cheese but every time we find a natural or organic or ethnic food at Hannaford’s in Jay, they discontinue it. So, off to the Turner Hannaford’s last week and…jackpot!

IMG_1534Among other items from the bargain bin we brought home was Greek Orzo and Bulgar wheat. Hey, at $.75 each, I couldn’t pass it up. I got them home and….now what? The orzo bag was all in Greek. Thank goodness for the internet! Not only did I find how to what it is (a pasta) and how to cook it (like pasta) but a luscious lamb orzo recipe which I’ll post on the recipe page.

Now for the wheat…..yeah…Tabouli?? Anyone got a good recipe?

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