We have bunnies!

Alice and Dinah

Everyone meet Alice (white with gray) and Dinah (gray). We felt with the three rams, we were getting a bit too much testosterone in the barn so we bought these lovely beauties. They are California and New Zealand crosses. They are so soft and sweet! Daddy was about 8 pounds and at 4 months, these girls are already about 4 pounds each. We’ll be getting a buck (name to be Mad Hatter) soon and will start breeding them this summer. We’ll take orders for meat as soon as we start breeding. Of course, you can always buy a baby bunny just to have around!

One cool thing I’ll be make this spring is a rabbit tractor. Similar to a chicken tractor, they’ll be in a safe enclosure outside where they will have all the fresh grass they can munch on, water, shelter and protection from inhospitable types like foxes and hawks. The rabbits will be truly free range.

Stay tuned to see see how our sweeties grow!

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