Fleeced, as usual

I updated the website! If you go to our fleece page, you will see that I have been busy posting fleece for sale! It’s raw fleece and for those of you who are not sheep types, that means it’s straight off the sheep, picked over but not washed. Over in Ireland, they spin and knit … More Fleeced, as usual

Need Rain!

Wow, is it dry. I went to our local hay guy to put half down on the 200 bales of hay we’ll need this winter and he was afraid to take my money. We are in the midst of a pretty bad drought here in Maine. I try to do everything possible to keep our … More Need Rain!

Oliver update

Our little Oliver is out of ICU (a stall in the barn) and is recovering in a private rehabilitation center. I brought him out to clean his wound and bottom and he started grazing on his own. That was all it took! Time to get the boy outside. Oh, and yes, I said wound. I … More Oliver update

Babies, the finale!

As I said in an earlier post, we’ve decided to concentrate on the farm a bit more. I’m establishing it as a sole-proprietorship (more on that in a later post) and Kaylin is working up an official sign and logo. We’ve started growing our flock of sheep in an effort to produce our own meat … More Babies, the finale!

New Lambs

We spent the day at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm yesterday talking future goals, boiling maple sap and playing with lambs!     We brought over 35 gallons of sap to boil down.       Patty got to help produce another gallon of the golden, sweet, liquid.           One of … More New Lambs

Spring IS Coming

61 Days and counting down! That is till Spring. We put Jewell the bunny in her brooder with a nesting box last night. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m getting a heat lamp for her this afternoon. Luna will go in her brooder and nesting box on Monday. She is definitely pregnant. Lost another hen the … More Spring IS Coming

Pain in the neck

I, Robin, have been laid up on the reclining couch now since Tuesday morning. One recommendation about sheep I will always remember is never turn your back on a ram. Why, because I did. Brother Augustus is our pet sheep. I’ll be honest, he’s about 80 lb and cute as a button. We practically brought … More Pain in the neck

Lambs and escapes

It has been an interesting last few days. Seems we have some escape artists in our midst. Twice last week, the ram lambs up on the hill flattened a fence area and escaped. The first time, they were up on the hill awaiting morning breakfast, walked right back into the fenced area, and were fine. … More Lambs and escapes


And these are not the lovely red wigglers who do so well in a garden. Alfie, the lead man of our sheep herd, has been a bit pale and…well…poopy. We took him off pasture for a night thinking that maybe the fresh grass was too much. It cleared up some, but a sample was on … More Worms….UGH!